Essay Writing Help -5 Cons of Hiring Native Writers

The question of language is crucial when it comes to the composing and editing various written assignments. Conventionally, people put more trust in writers who are native speakers. Those who learned English as the second language have to overcome the predetermined frame of mistrust.

Essay Writing Help -5 Cons of Hiring Native Writers

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You should ask yourself "Are all native speakers that good?" Undoubtedly, there are such authors who make a lot of mistakes and do not write essays of high quality and uniqueness. Let's have a closer look at possible disadvantages of such writers.

The common cons of native writers are:

  1. Pricey services. Native writers have a higher level of trust from the common clients and charge higher fees for their services.
  2. Insufficient level of dedication. Native speakers claim that they are real professionals and can perform any piece of writing perfectly. Nevertheless, many of them seem to be overly self-confident, thinking that each assignment is easy. In the meanwhile, many of them have poorly developed skills that lower the quality of papers.
  3. Poor grammar knowledge. A professional writer or editor can easily write, rewrite, check, and edit any paper without complications. However, lots of native authors are simply afraid of the word "grammar" and experience great grammatical difficulties when writing assignments.
  4. Short vocabulary. They got used to widely spread words and phrases, and don't enlarge their vocabularies.
  5. Lack of originality. The implementation of very simple words and phrases is pretty common for native authors. They speak in a free manner, which is rich in various original expressions. Nonetheless, when it comes to writing, they use lots of clichés and uninteresting stylistic structures.

Don't waste your money on the services of websites that employ non-competent writers just because they are native speakers. Non-native authors may be even better.

Essay Assistance: Choose the Right Person

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